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Recruiting with Love

Organizing aid for residents and families from the south

We are members of Knesset from the coalition and opposition, civil society organizations and Israeli citizens, who came together to offer quick support for any civilian or soldier.

We're coordinating and collecting aid requests in order to ensure that assistance is provided as quickly as possible.

We're operating in several areas such as locating and transporting military equipment to soldiers, finding housing for residents of the South, locating missing persons, finding mental health assistance, transporting patients and providing aid to their families.

In addition, we've opened another center aimed at expediting bureaucratic processes and shortening the response times of governmental bodies. 

We work in full collaboration with all governmental bodies, such as the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Ministry of Transportation, Holocaust Survivors' Rights Authority, Haredi Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Settlement and National Missions, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Aliyah and integration, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor and Bituah Leumi, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Religious Services, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Economy, and the 105 call center. We also work with various civil organizations such as Ezer Metzion, Revaha and Yedidim. 


We can also assist civilians who would like to join the efforts and volunteer to help others. If you'd like to volunteer, let us know and we'll connect you with the relevant people.

To get in touch, fill in one of the forms on this website, call *5350 or send a WhatsApp message to 058-500-5350. 

We'd be happy to help with any question or issue.

In addition to the center's activity, we have also opened several WhatsApp groups where we share aid requests from soldiers and residents from the South. These groups have already helped hundreds of people. We invite you to join them and take part! 

The center provides quick and efficient solutions to any beauracratical, technical, mental and military challenges, and information to citizens who are looking for opportunities to volunteer and contribute.

Fill in your details, and we will be in touch soon. 

Always at your service,

Your Knesset Members, their advisors, the volunteers and the entire Recruiting with Love center.


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